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Gundishapur; a University in Middle Eastern Antiquity 


Gundishapur, an intellectual center of Sassanid Empire, was founded in 271 B.C. in Dezful and is educationally active for more than 17 centuries.

According to the reliable sources in medieval Islamic medicine, this intellectual center played a remarkable role in the transfer of Greek, Iranian, and Indian medical knowledge to the Islam world. The early hospitals in Islamic age were established based on the expertise of Gundishapur. There are controversies among the experts regarding the dramatic importance of this center in the transmission of knowledge, particularly medical sciences, from the late antiquity to the Islamic age; however, most of them believe that Gundishapur was the bridge to transfer Indian medicine to the Arab world, and without this intellectual center familiarity with Indian medicine was impossible for Muslims, particularly in such a short period of time. Gundishapur included a teaching hospital and a library. The Gundishapur Academy was one of the main centers for knowledge working, philosophy, and medicine in the antiquity.